AIR RAID: Pfft, Whatever. I’m Shooting This The Fuck Down

Genre: Metal. Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA.

So…we have us another thrash metal band with a name equating itself to something fast and savage. Bitch, please. If these guys wanted to name themselves something aerial they should have called themselves “drone” instead. Because that’s what this shit does.

What’s the matter with that bass guitar, anyway? Hyperactive Down Syndrome? Jesus H. Christ, it reminds me of the time I dropped acid and watched that developmentally disabled kid on the Simpsons talk about being a fire engine…on fast forward. Except that was a good trip, a magic carpet ride. This trip was more like a ride in the back of a Baltimore police van. It will kill you like these guys killed thrash metal, only your neck won’t be the only thing broken, if you know what I mean.

Oh, you don’t know what I mean? You’re confused now? Well good, because now you know how I felt when I first heard this shit and tried to figure out if I was hearing dyslexic EVP recordings of crackhead ghosts, or music.

I think it actually was dyslexic crackhead ghosts…and wouldn’t believe the shit they were doing to get their next fix.

I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t making music…if you know what I mean.





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