Demifiend: Corpse Paint Cant Hide The Tears Of Rejection

Genre: Black Metal.

Location: Fargo, ND-USA.


I did some digging and I found Demifiend’s old description of themselves on bandcamp before the release of their latest album:

“Grab your LARP-ing axes and battle gear if you want to make it through this hell hole of a rollercoaster. We have the corpse paint to prove our worth to the darkness and if you strike at us during our set, like what happened in South Dakota (Seriously don’t do this, we can’t afford to get mustard stains out of our amps again) we will totally smash your balls off. We have made refuge in the forest because that is the place that darkness rules over all! We now reside in a secret corpse paint society that shan’t be tainted by the likes of normal people like you! We hiss at the mention of team sports and shun those former allied clans who betrayed and bullied us! (anime club fucj you). Demifiend is more than a black metal band. Its a way of life that makes us way more dark and, and cool and better than everyone who has hot chicks and is way stronger than us. There is definitely no way we would ever want to have that stuff. Black metal is the juice that keeps our veins pumping hard, and when our veins pump no more we will not go to heaven because we only believe in hell because it has flames and cool things that would piss off our parents.”

On a side note, their names are:

Agony- Bass/Vox
Fury- Guitars
Vöthraad- Drums
Sorrow – Guitars

I just wanted to put those there so that if I see someone walking down the street with a permanent cringe on their face I’ll know they read the article. I’ll say “Demifiend?”, they’ll go “Mphhhmmmm” and a single tear will roll down their cheek. I’ll wipe the tear from their face and put it into a jar and bring it to North Dakota. I’ll find my way to a Demifiend show and throw the single tear into the amplifier causing an explosion and the much needed destruction of that band. People will carry me on their shoulders and the mayor will let me cut the big red ribbon with a giant pair of scissors.

Have fun fantasizing about dancing through the forest you pagan nimrods, corpse paint might be able to make you look like KISS but it can’t hide the tears of rejection.


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