ECHOES OF THE FALLEN: Falls Short Like Donald Trump’s…Hands

Location: Minneapolis, MN. Genre: Metal.

So here we have a band that paints racoon circles around their eyes, or whatever it is the emo kids are doing these days. They tag themselves as “TRVE KVNT”, I guess they think they needed to make this easy for me. These idiots clearly don’t get it…I don’t need help here. Relax guys, I got this. Some things simply write themselves. Go back to cutting yourselves, or whatever it is the emo kids are doing these days.

The last time I heard something this weak was when I played back my homemade porn and watched myself cry after sex. It made me cringe with embarrassment. This shit makes me cringe even worse and it isn’t even about me! Jesus H. Christ…apparently this is what the emo kids are doing these days.

I know I’m supposed to look at their band picture and imagine them someplace spooky and spectacular, but it all goes wrong here and I wind up imagining them in a movie theater…watching a chick flick…and crying on each other’s shoulders. Yeah that’s right girl, you don’t need no man to pump and dump you…just start a band and the audience will take care of it!







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