GRAVESLAVE: Ima Bury These Fucksticks

Genre: metal. Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Watching this video will show you a band that knows how to have fun, party, and joke around. I salute them, because that’s really important when you’re this pathetic and about as basic bitch as one of those Facebook graphics talking about how much drama sucks.

Where the fuck do I begin here? The drunk alien? Okay guys, we all know that alien was fake because no amount of booze would ever stop aliens from doing a u-turn and vowing never to visit earth once they got within earshot of your music. The bong hits? Bitch, please. I was doing better bong hits in Sunday school.

Let me guess…it’s not supposed to sound good to them because it’s “brootal”. This from the band whose singer looks like an altar boy trying to work through whatever daddy issues working for Father McCopafeelie has brought to the surface.

I hate to break it to you kids…but¬†my band is more “brootal” than yours…and I don’t even have a band!

But hey…you’re young, and dumb, and full of…really bad music. I get it.

Go back to Friday Night Magic, guys. Those people party harder than you anyway. They probably get more girls, too.

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