INFAMOUS MEMORIES: I’m Still Trying To Forget Them

Genre: rock. Location: Minneapolis, MN.

I love the suburbs. Some of the cutest, dumbest shit comes out of there…like Infamous Memories.

Hot Topic is lame as fuck. So I would normally give this band props for not having their merch sold there, but we all know this shit was just so cute, even Hot Topic wanted nothing to do with it. I’m going to guess their shit wound up in the bargain bin at Forever 13.

And speaking of bargain bin, it sounds like that’s where they got their instruments. The bargain bin. At Toys R Us.

If you play this shit backwards, you can actually hear Elmo telling you that it’s time to go to your safe space now, and don’t worry, this will be over quick. *Spoiler alert!* he’s lying. It won’t be quick at all. And it will feel even longer.

I swear I have not heard anything like this since the time the phone rang and my room mate’s blind eight-year-old answered the iron. Well, except for the time whoever it was called back. But I digress…

This shit makes me want to tie my hair into ponytails.