Insect Death: How Appropriate! Because I Actually Want To Kill This With A Shoe

Genre: metal Location: Minneapolis, MN

Grindcore: it’s supposed to be a crossover mix of metal and punk. However, this happens to be a crossover mix of Bill Cosby and a Catholic girls’ school, only the rufies won’t actually spare you from the misery, because some things simply can’t be forgotten. Let’s hope this survives, because according to Japanese legend, if a particularly violent and painful death happens (like, let’s say, Bill Cosby drugging and raping a naieve young riff that already sucked anyway and fucking it to death), a curse will form that will affect all around it. Never mind-it’s too late. Grindcore is already being killed by this shit.

This is the reason why you should have to complete a background check and go through a waiting period before you can buy anything from guitar center.

I’m just going to take a guess that the father of the kid that got Harambe killed was a fan of this band.

*Moment of reverential silence*

Anyway…moving on…because what else can we do with this? Harambe, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.