KOMPOST: A Pile Of Shit That Can’t Even Spell

Genre: metal. Location: Montebelluna, Italy.

I swear to God, I thought I we were done with bands misspelling their name this way as soon as Korn found Jesus. But NOOOOOOOO….

Kompost is some kind of crusty noisy grindcore band that sounds like they haven’t showered in a month and smells like guitars played through a washboard. Or maybe they think their amps go to 11. I don’t fucking know. That guitar tone sounds like two retarded moose having gay prison sex, probably because they are in prison anyway for this punk and grindcore murder-suicide.

But wait, you say…if it was murder-suicide, they would be dead!

Hmmm….you have a point there. Which proves mine. These chumps can’t even do a murder-suicide right. How the fuck do you expect them to write any decent grinds?

Listening to this shit is like sex…with the lights on…with Hillary Clinton. It’s cold, dark, dry, and very unsatisfying.

This band writes music like they spell their name. They can’t even get the first letter right.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kompostcrust/

Bandcamp: https://kompostcrust.bandcamp.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-pWX2Sfhn9lCfLL55yNeXg