PALE IN COMPARISON: Pales in comparison to literally EVERYTHING

Genre: punk. Location: Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth, Minnesota has a problem. This is the second horseshit punk band submitted from there in 24 hours.

Yo Duluth, what is up with your punk bands that try to sound melodic but end up sounding like masturbating squirrels instead? This would be bad enough if this band held to the standard, but NOOOOOOOOO….they have to sound like a masturbating squirrel with tourettes. FUCKING TOURETTES!

Now don’t get me wrong, I find squirrels with tourettes who masturbate to be extremely entertaining…when they’re not trying to be a legit band. Or getting drunk on cough syrup…something I suspect that these guys do better than songwriting. Oh, who am I kidding. These guys could do a better job of surgery on a hyperactive badger with PTSD¬† that hasn’t been properly anesthetized than they could do songwriting.

This is a band that only a mother could love, which actually might explain why the punk bands from Duluth, Minnesota sound like they have Mommy issues.

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