RICKY SCI-FI: I Have Seen The Future. It Sucks.

Genre: punk. Location: Duluth, MN

Okay, first things first. There is a rule in recording: you have to spend money to sound good. And now I see that there is another one: you have to spend money to sound this bad. It requires a certain level of expertise. I’m pretty Ricky could have financed his heroin habit for a good year with the money that had to be spent figuring out a way to sound this bad.

Those vocals though. Is sounding like a kazoo really a thing now? How the fuck did I not see this coming? I am literally wide-eyed with wonder, like a child, at how awful they are.

I think I know where Ricky got his last name…this stuff sounds every bit as annoying as those old sci-fi movie sound effects.

This literally makes me want to stop showering, huff paint, and date a girl with hairy armpits when I grow up.

Listening to this Ricky’s music is like eating anchovies and chasing them with cinnamon schnaps, then throwing up on yourself. You wonder what the fuck you were thinking when you were consuming them…just like I’m wondering what the fuck I was thinking when I let my ears consume this disgusting mix of out-of-tune riffs and vocal kazoo solos. This is not going to wash out of my clothes easily.

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Bandcamp: https://rickyscifi.bandcamp.com/music

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmUbZWkp0tThIRccUkbN1aw