TONY MONTANA: Fuck, Dude. I Thought You Were Dead!

Genre: Grindcore. Location: Duluth, MN, USA.

Guys, I am totally not even kidding you…that picture of a cow is this band’s album cover. And if you’ve ever smelled cow shit and imagined what it would sound like, you would have this. So the cow is actually very appropriate. It also helps that it literally sounds like a cow mooing while giving birth to a xenomorph alien at times.

Apparently, Playskool makes cassette recorders because that is clearly what Tony Montana’s album sounds like it was recorded on. Believe it or not, it totally does justice to this shit-hell, I dare say it actually improved Tony’s sound!

But I actually do have something nice to say about this band. Like half the material on here is audio samples from movies or whatever, so I do give Tony a high five for sparing us half of his music. Of course there’s the other half to apologize for, but the problem with that is that once you let the dildo out of the ass, the whole bed gets covered in shit and an apology just won’t cut it.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think Tony Montana needs to go back to slinging cocaine and getting whacked by drug kingpins. funny tshirt banner

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Sex Toys

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